Tree Surgeons in Shrewsbury

Expert tree care and advice from specialists in subtle and sympathetic pruning and ancient tree care.

Tree Surgery

From a small cherry tree in the garden to a majestic avenue or towering cedar, we can manage all types of trees in a wide variety of situations. In all our work, we take care to meet the needs of both our clients and their trees.


Tree Reports

Combining consultancy, expertise and climbing makes us well placed for tree report writing. We are often able to quickly and accurately assess the true condition of a tree canopy and then deal with anything then and there.


LOler Inspections

If you are using tree climbing kit and/or rigging kit professionally and need it to undergo a LOLER inspection, I am a certified LOLER inspector.


Arb Training

As an Arb Trainer, I aim to ensure training is realistic to the workplace, while being up to date and meeting best practice. While I mostly train through colleges, I occasionally run bespoke training sessions on request.


About us

Tree surgeons in Shrewsbury who care about your trees

Tree surgeons Shrewsbury the Good Tree Company

Trees are often valuable and beneficial to our homes and surroundings but where humans and trees live together the trees often need care to reduce their impact (e.g shade) whilst retaining their benefits. At The Good Tree Company we have the knowledge and experience and are happy to give advice to look after trees’ long term health whilst achieving clients aims – such as more light, better views, and peace of mind.

The Good Tree Company was established in 2002 and is run by Jonathan Finlow who began working in arboriculture in 1996. Jono is a Professional Member of The Arboricultural Association, an NPTC tree climbing and chainsaw Assessor, an ISA certified arborist and a LOLER inspector.

Things we do: Air spading to run a cable with minimal disturbance to trees

Recently we did some airspading to allow the clients to run a cable through a woodland belt.

Air spading is a technique to clear soil around the roots of trees with minimal disturbance to the roots. It can be used in helping tree health. Compaction of ground around the rooting zone of a tree can reduce the air spaces that the roots need to survive.

We have found that air spading is not a very well known procedure and yet can prove a practical solution to a variety of problems. We have even used it to help excavate in an ancient churchyard – N.B. under the supervision of an experienced archaeologist!

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